Dull skin?

Sorted! Glow’s powerful concoction of 100% natural oils leaves skin restored of its essential lipids which help skin stay hydrated for longer, and are vital for repairing and protecting.


Roll into Christmas

Rose Quartz Facial Rollers, the ultimate facial massage tool which allows your favourite moisturiser to penetrate the skin more deeply.



Many people are now aware of the danger of putting chemicals and artificial ingredients into their bodies. Yet they still use these products on their skin. Tribeca uses only natural and organic ingredients, with the promise to source the best quality ingredients to ensure results for your skin.


The Perfect Trio

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Hand Blended In
New Zealand

All products are hand-blended in small batches. This ensures freshness is maintained and you are receiving the best product


The Benefit of Oils

Good quality plant oils are amazing for the skin. On a dry skin, they will strengthen your skins lipid barrier, preventing moisture loss and revitalising and plumping the skin. Oily and breakout prone skin they will balance and rebuild the skin. Often these skins have been stripped of moisture from traditional cleansing products. Oils will balance this, and even heal and prevent imperfections.