Benefits of Oils

Good quality plant based oils, are amazing for your skin. There is a lot of fear around using oils on some skins. Traditionally petroleum based mineral oils were used in skincare.

These cheap ingredients are in fact a bi-product of petrol. They have no benefit to the skin at all, in fact they can be highly irritating to many skins. Often leaving a film over the skin, preventing active ingredients from entering, and irritating the surface of the skin. Many large product companies have opted to use these ingredients in their formulations, because its cheap!

It is these formulations that have made people afraid of using oils on their skin. Instead option for ‘oil-free’ alternatives. Using good quality, plant based oils are far more expensive, but they can have an amazing affect on the skin. Plants are full of active botanicals, that work synergistically with the skin, creating amazing results.

Each of the oils in our blends are hand selected for their unique skin benefits.

Tribeca sources the best quality, purest oils for our formulations. All products are hand-blended in small batches, to ensure optimal freshness and the best results for your skin!



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