Holistic Skincare

With advertising and marketing hype constantly surrounding us these days, the wonderful world of skincare can be a daunting one. Along with different professionals and product houses all shouting mixed messages, it can be hard to know which way to turn.

The fundamental cause of ageing in the skin is inflammation. And the solution to this lies upon what you are putting into your body, rather than what you put on your skin (although this too is important, to an extent!).

Our skin is a true reflection of what is happening on the inside. It is the best way for our body to communicate with us when something is wrong or unbalanced. And it doesn’t lie! It’s so easy to conceal trouble skin or get angry at the fact that it is happening. But what we need to do is look at the skin listen to why it’s actually doing this in the first place.

Beauty is so much more than skin deep. I love this analogy of a plant – the first indication that it needs water is its droopy leaves. It may revive somewhat when you spray water on its surface, but in order to fully restore the plants vibrancy you need to water its roots.

There is a strong link between the food we eat and our skin. For example foods like chili, oranges, caffeine and alcohol all heat the blood and cause an inflammatory response on the skin. This is a big no-no for anyone suffering from rosacea, eczema, acne and any other inflammatory condition.

Other foods like chocolate, cheese, meat fat, protein powders and bars, peanuts and ice cream thicken the sebum the skin produces, causing congestion – leading to acne and breakouts.

Essentially leading a whole-food, plant based diet and avoiding processed and manufactured foods will put you on the right path. Along with managing stress levels, hormone balance, getting adequate sun exposure, sleep and targeting any deficiencies in the body.

Paying attention to the health of your skin is the best way to listen to your bodies needs!

Keep an eye out for our series of blog posts coming soon on how to treat different skin conditions and disorders holistically.


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