Sun Protection From The Inside Out

Did you know that some of the foods you eat can provide added sun protection to your skin? How amazing are our bodies!?

Brazil nuts are nature’s richest source of selenium, an anti-oxidant mineral that has the ability to lessen the damage that UV rays have on skin. In 2009 a study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention showed that higher levels of selenium in the blood reduced the risk of skin cancer by half!

Green tea is another wonderful skin food. The polyphenols it contains reduce the skin inflammation and DNA damage caused by excessive sun exposure.

Carotenoids are a valuable group of nutrients that give fruit and vegetables their bright colours (yellow, green, red, or orange). Many studies have shown that this complex group of nutrients neutralize free radicals and significantly improve the skins ability to protect itself from the sun. Betacarotene is the most efficient nutrient in this family. It is found in orange and yellow fruits (mangoes and papayas), orange and yellow vegetables and green leafy vegetables.

Lycopene, found in tomatoes, has also been shown to greatly reduce and in some cases, prevent the formation of redness on exposure to UV.

So make sure you eat your vegetables and drink your green tea to boost your skin’s natural sun screening ability!

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