Tribeca Cleansing Ritual

The Tribeca cleansing ritual is one unlike any other. Incorporating high quality plant based oils with the simple practice of soaking the skin.

In the morning, no cleansing is required. Simply soak your skin with warm water.

To soak: fill your hand basin with warm water. Take your muslin cloth and immerse in the water. Wring it out slightly and then press the damp cloth to your skin. Press all over your face and repeat 3-4x. Lock the moisture in by applying Tribeca Oil of your choice directly onto your damp skin.

In the evening only, gently massage a hazelnut size piece of Balm Cleanser into your dry skin with clean, dry hands. You can do this directly on top of makeup. Spend a couple of minutes really working the cleanser into your skin. Add water to your fingertips and emulsify the cleanser. This will dislodge any makeup, dirt and oils from the skin.

Run your muslin cloth under warm water and press to your skin, let the steam soften your skin before gently wiping away the cleanser. You can repeat this a second time if wearing makeup or chemical sunblock.

Follow with the soaking ritual to replace moisture back into your skin.

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