Why Natural Products Are So Important For Skin Health

The cosmetic industry is a confusing one. Turn over the back of your cleanser and check out that ingredient list. Often upward of 10 ingredients listed, many of which you can’t even pronounce.

Now this is changing a lot more, with a wider variety of organic and natural ranges available. But there is still a grey area. What chemicals are ok? Are they all created equal? And what must you truly avoid when it comes to skincare.

As a general rule, what you can’t pronounce you shouldn’t use. Think about your food – would you happily consume food where the packets lists numerous unknown ingredients, or do you prefer to go for the ‘whole food’ options? Your skincare needs to be tackled in exactly the same way. Whilst we are not ingesting the products, we’re silly to think that they’re not actually being absorbed. You only have to look at how nicotine patches work to realize that what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our blood stream.

When it comes to your skin, its important to avoid skincare containing the following ingredients: emulsifiers, fragrance, colours, preservatives, silicones and mineral oils. These will not only serve no positive purpose to your skin, but they will irritate and actually cause more damage than good.

Granted not all chemicals are created equal – and a lot are vital for the cosmetic makeup of skincare, however we do prefer a more natural approach. Have you ever noticed how the skin on the inside of your arm or stomach is smooth, un-irritated and clear? Think about the amount of products you apply to these areas compared to your face. You only have to look at that to realise the damage that a lot of these products are doing to your skin. Often the more we do to our skin the worse it becomes! This is crazy considering the amount of money people spend on cosmetics to try and make their skin look better.

With that said, the use of organic plant based ingredients can support the natural structure of the skin and maintain a healthy, glowing skin long term. We love oils and Tribeca is founded on the principles of using good quality plant oils to care for the skin. We urge you to take things back to basics. Cull that cupboard full of skincare that can be doing more harm than good, and focus on feeding your skin. Remember your skin is perfectly capable of functioning normally on its own. Skincare is there to support this and keep it in optimal condition.

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